Nov 7, 2018
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7 Bad Acne Habits To Avoid

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There is a good chance you could be doing things that are aggravating your acne or even causing it.  So if you want to help your condition rather then hurt it, be sure to avoid doing these 7 bad habits.

Bad Habit #1  Picking At Your Pimples

Everyone tells you this, but you might as well admit to it. I used to pick my pimples even when I was told not to do it. There is a good chance you’re the same way. In fact, you can even make the scarring worse by popping a pimple.

Bad Habit #2 Partying To Much

It’s fun to party, but do take it easy. Too much drinking and not enough sleep is not a healthy lifestyle for someone who has acne. Leave a little early and have a few less drinks to see how your body reacts.

Bad Habit #3 Smoking

Smoking has always been a bad habit. It causes you to pump allot of chemicals and toxins inside your body. Those toxins have to find away out. Sometimes they come out through the skin as acne. Smoking for many years can also age you allot faster. The sooner you give it up the better.

Bad Habit #4 Choice Of Cosmetics

This one is for women. There is allot of women who can benefit from using a different type cosmetics. Some women will get oily skin or other skin irritations. Get more familiar with your skin type and how it reacts to certain ingredients.

Bad Habit #5 Washing Your Skin Too Often And Scrubbing Too Hard

Your skin doesn’t need to be washed more then a couple times per day. When you wash make sure you don’t scrub hard. Your skin should be rinsed off with your hands. Pat dry your skin.

Bad Habit #6 Stopping What Is Working

When something is working, don’t stop doing it. This could be a change in diet, lifestyle, or treatment. Many people stop what works, then only see their acne return.

Bad Habit #7 Ignoring Your Acne

Sometimes we just want to ignore are acne and not do anything about it. But there is a reason these pimples are on your skin. Your body is trying to tell your something. So addressing the situation will help reduce scars and help improve your overall health.

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